Alexander Preko

Alexander Preko is a senior lecturer, methodologist, quantitative and qualitative data analyst. He is the research coordinator of the Marketing Department of University of Professional Studies, Accra, Ghana. He holds a PhD in (Economics), MSC. (Marketing), Bsc. Economics from the Russian Federation. He has over 10 years of teaching and research experience. His research interest includes contemporary issues in social sciences; consumer behaviour, tourism, migration studies among others.

He is experienced in adopting to research software for data analysis. He has researched into socio-economic issues within and outside Ghana. Notably are the International Conventions of Migrate Workers, international Protocols of Health professionals and teachers recruitments in the Commonwealth countries and other relevant migration studies on the continent. He has also published in both national and international academic journals. He has also written a book entitled ‘Step by Step SPSS Analysis’. Dr Preko is a Fellow Certified Economist with the Chartered Institute of Economist-Ghana.

He is the founder of Stamp Africa Limited, a research base consult and the founder of E-Mort School Complex. Dr Preko is a visiting lecturer of methodology and quantitative research for Doctoral students at the Noble International Business School, Accra. He is also a visiting lecturer for MBA Marketing specialization at the Wisconsin International University College and external PhD reviewer of CASS European University affiliated to the Ghana Telecom University College and the Open University of Malaysia.

He has also served as a defense panel member as well as sessional chair for both local and international conferences. His previous and current research grants are the Uongozi Institute-Tanzania, National Geography and Ministry of Land and Natural Resource, Ghana. Besides this, he has also engaged in a number of corporate social responsibilities in society. He has championed donations by Wisconsin students to the Pantang Hospital, orphanages within Accra and Central regions.